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betPawa Customer Wins BIG on Aviator, Walk Home with MWK 125 Million

A resident of Lilongwe, is basking in the joy of his recent life-changing victory, having won an astounding MWK 125 million while playing Aviator on the popular betting platform, betPawa. Chigudu’s success story adds to the growing list of betPawa’s big winners who have struck it rich with their wagers.

The fortunate turn of events unfolded when Chigudu logged into his betPawa account after a long day of work, only to be greeted by an incredible stroke of luck. Overwhelmed by disbelief, he recounted, “As soon as I placed that bet, I had decided I was just going to leave it. The whole time it was flying, I was shocked it was still going, but something inside me told me to just keep letting it fly.”

Aviator, a captivating game that allows players to stake bets on a virtual aircraft as it takes off, features a multiplier that increases each time the “pilot” reaches higher altitudes. BetPawa stands out in Malawi’s betting landscape with its low minimum stake of MWK 1 and the highest maximum payout of MWK 125 million per bet. Chigudu, filled with hope, staked MWK 1,000 to compete for the Aviator’s maximum payout.

“When I saw the figure in my account, I couldn’t believe it was real,” Chigudu exclaimed. “So, I made a withdrawal, and when the funds reflected in my Airtel Money account, I let out a little scream. I’m just so thankful!”

Despite his newfound wealth, Chigudu, who currently uses a faulty phone to play betPawa Casino games, is in no rush to spend the money, although he intends to promptly replace his handset. He shared, “It’s so crazy that even now as I am speaking to you, the phone I use is basically like a landline. As soon as I disconnect it from the charger, its battery will drain almost immediately. I think it will be small changes like being able to use a phone at any time and go wherever I need to be that will make the biggest difference in my life.”

Chigudu’s significant win follows in the footsteps of another Lilongwe-based betPawa customer named Steve, who secured an impressive MWK 174.2 million on Aviator in February. Steve had placed two bets, one of MWK 299 and another of MWK 2,399, ultimately amassing a total of MWK 174,157,675.

Last week, Okello from Uganda also struck gold, winning MWK 23 million on betPawa Casino through the Multi Wins Game. Notably, the record for Africa’s highest Aviator win is held by a Ghanaian betPawa customer named Fuseini, who claimed an astonishing MWK 841.3 million in November of the previous year.

betPawa continues to captivate players across the African continent with its exciting games and substantial payouts, proving that life-changing fortunes can be just a bet away.

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