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Betting Firms Urged to Renew Licenses as Kenya Implements New Gaming Management System

Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) has announced that betting firms and gaming entities can now apply for the renewal of their licenses for the financial year 2024/25. The BCLB has called upon all operators to comply with this requirement, coinciding with the ongoing rollout of the new gaming management system.

The implementation of this automated system is aimed at optimizing revenue collection by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), aligning with a government directive on the matter. During a stakeholder engagement, the BCLB emphasized the importance of swift transition to the new gaming management system, underscoring the significance of compliance in this regard.

Reports have surfaced, indicating that only 97 out of the 180 licensed operators have integrated their systems with the KRA, enabling real-time monitoring of the industry. This integration seeks to address revenue leakages and bolster regulatory oversight at the KRA.

“We have been conducting manual applications and processes for years, but the time has come for us to automate our procedures,” stated Peter Mbugi, CEO of the BCLB. “Therefore, going forward, we require our operators to process their applications through the online gaming management system.”

In addition to the implementation of the new gaming management system, the BCLB has also initiated the renewal of licenses for the financial year 2024/2025. These efforts align with the board’s commitment to effect essential changes that streamline operations within the betting industry.

“We have actively participated in the development of Kenya’s first gambling policy and the creation of the gaming management system (GMS). Furthermore, we have successfully uploaded all our services to eCitizen, and we have simplified the licensing process through the institutionalization of an open-door policy at the BCLB,” remarked Dr. Jane Makau, Chairperson of the Board.

Mbugi added, “The board is taking steps to address issues related to the establishment of a central monitoring system, which will allow us to monitor industry activities online and save time.”

With these developments, the BCLB aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and compliance within the betting industry while ensuring effective revenue collection and regulatory oversight. Betting firms and gaming entities are encouraged to adhere to the new requirements and transition to the automated gaming management system promptly.

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