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PRESS RELEASE: LONACI Announces the death of its Chairman

It is with deep sadness that the National Lottery of Côte d’Ivoire (LONACI) announces the death of its Chairman of the Board of Directors, DR LÉNISSONGUI COULIBALY Wenceslas, on Wednesday May 8, 2024 in Abidjan.

Appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of LONACI on October 22, 2018, Dr LÉNISSONGUI COULIBALY Wenceslas has made a significant contribution to the growth of our company.

LA LONACI pays tribute to a hardworking, meticulous, inspiring, affable and reassuring president. LONACI stands alongside the grieving family in this bereavement which has struck them and expresses its most sincere condolences during these difficult times.

All LONACI staff will keep the image of its President as a wise man, a father.
He prays for the rest of his soul.

Done in Abidjan on May 10, 2024
The general direction

About Lonaci

The National Lottery of Ivory Coast (LONACI), created in 1970, is a Limited Company with Majority Public Financial Participation whose share capital to date is FCFA 400,000,000.

The objectives aimed by the State of Côte d’Ivoire at LONACI within the framework of the exclusive concession for the organization and operation of games of chance in Côte d’Ivoire are:

  • Providing the population with a structure enabling them to satisfy their desire to participate in games of chance and to be rewarded in optimal conditions of transparency and reliability;
  • The mobilization of voluntary public savings with a view to making investments in the areas of health, social and education.

The brand’s signature, “WE ALL HAVE A GOOD REASON TO PLAY”, is resolutely part of this approach.

As part of its current Strategic Development Plan (PSD), LONA CI has set a new vision: “To be a gaming institution, efficient and civic, actor in economic and social development, for the benefit of the populations”.

LONACI draws its strength from the values ​​that make up its managerial charter, namely: the player, professionalism, team spirit, communication, ethics, anticipation and sharing.

Certified for Responsible Gaming Level 2 from the WLA (World Lottery Association), LONACI is resolutely engaged in a certification process across all areas of its activity, namely management, quality, safety and the environment.

Since 2015, LONACI has posted an annual growth rate of over 20%; which allowed it to achieve a turnover of more than 200 billion in 2019.

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