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betPawa Dream Maker Unveiled New Solar-Powered Borehole in Kanduti, Kitui County

A new solar-powered borehole has been unveiled today, providing a much-needed source of water and saving residents from the arduous 10-kilometer trek to the nearest seasonal river.

The 300-feet borehole, drilled as part of the second season of the betPawa Dream Maker campaign, is set to serve over 3,000 residents in the area. The project, which includes the construction of a 10,000-liter water tank, pumps, and a piping system, as well as the installation of solar panels to power the pump, is a game-changer for the community.

“This is a win for the Kanduti community. I am grateful to the entire betPawa team and everyone involved in making this dream come true,” said Sammy Mwanza, a resident who had long dreamed of setting up a borehole for his community but lacked the necessary funds.

In celebration of the new borehole, Mwanza was gifted 70 seedlings by the community to plant, as part of efforts to conserve the environment and attract rain in the area.

The centrally located borehole will be easily accessible to the Kanduti community and is expected to supply water to various facilities, including a polytechnic, a high school, a primary school, a public health center, and the area chief’s residence.

“Women here have suffered back problems because of carrying water jerry cans for long distances. Thanks to betPawa, that will no longer be an issue,” said Alex Kilunda, the Kanduti Ward Administrator.

The Dream Maker campaign, launched by betPawa in 2021, aims to help people realize their aspirations that are beneficial to the wider community as part of giving back to society. The campaign has received over 15,000 proposals outlining various dreams in the areas of sports, business, and social projects.

“It takes a very special person to think about the community. I thank Sammy for making it all about his community with such a transformative dream. We are honored to actualize this dream for the people of Kanduti,” said Simon Mwangi, the Country Marketing Manager of betPawa.

The unveiling of the new solar-powered borehole in Kanduti marks a significant milestone in the community’s journey towards a sustainable and accessible water supply, transforming the lives of thousands of residents.

Aniedi Ekwere
Aniedi Ekwere
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