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Ghana’s National Lottery Authority Joins European Lotteries as Observer Member

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) of Ghana has been granted Observer Membership status by the European Lotteries (EL), effective June 17, 2024. The decision was made at the EL’s General Assembly during the Industry Days Seminar held in Salzburg, Austria from June 16 to 19.

The 45 member countries present at the event unanimously voted in favor of the NLA’s application for Observer Membership, recognizing the Authority’s strong pitch delivered by Director-General Samuel Awuku at the EL Public Seminar Order in Brussels earlier this year.

Awuku’s presentation on the topic of Illegal Gambling in Ghana caught the attention of the EL, prompting the Secretary-General, Arjan Van T’ Veer, to request the NLA to officially apply for membership. The application process required the submission of the Authority’s Financial Statements, expenditure on Good Causes, and Responsible Gaming certification, all of which the NLA successfully satisfied.

With this decision, the NLA becomes the second African country to be granted Observer Membership, after Morocco, bringing the EL’s current Observer Members to a total of four, including Satty Zhuldyz JSC of Kajakstan and La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports of Morocco.

The Observer Status will allow the NLA and its stakeholders to participate in EL’s training programs, capacity-building initiatives, and exchange programs on best practices for the development of the lottery industry. This opportunity aligns with the NLA’s vision to become the lottery organization of choice and a blueprint in Africa and beyond.

“We are honored to be granted this Observer Membership status by the European Lotteries,” said Awuku. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are excited to leverage this platform to strengthen our operations and position the NLA internationally.”

The EL, with a presence in 39 countries across Europe, comprises a total of 70 members, 50 of which operate in a Member State of the European Union (EU), while the remaining 20 operate in non-EU Member States.

This milestone achievement for the NLA is expected to further enhance Ghana’s reputation as a leader in the lottery industry, as the Authority continues to spearhead innovative initiatives and pursue its goal of becoming a model for the African continent and beyond.

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