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ITHUBA, South African Lottery Operator, Expands Footprint to Tanzania

In a significant stride towards continental leadership, ITHUBA, a proudly black female owned and operated South African company, today marked the signing of the official partnership between ITHUBA, as the newly appointed National Lottery operator in Tanzania.

This milestone marks a major advancement in ITHUBA’s strategy to expand its footprint in Africa, demonstrating the company’s robust growth across the continent. Charmaine Mabuza, CEO of ITHUBA, reflected on this achievement: “Today marks a historical milestone for us. ITHUBA’s solutions, from our games to our technology, have been specifically developed for the African market. We are both proud and honoured to have been chosen as the National Lottery Operator in Tanzania. This expansion is a testament to our deep commitment to the continent and our capability to offer large jackpots and innovative games that resonate deeply with our players.”

As Africa’s leading Lottery Operator, ITHUBA is renowned for its dynamic approach to National Lottery games, characterised by large jackpots and ground-breaking innovations tailored for African participants.

This strategic entry into the Tanzanian market is a clear indication of ITHUBA’s expertise in the lottery industry, further entrenching its status as a dominant player in Africa’s lottery sector. “We are excited to bring our signature approach to Tanzania, where we anticipate not only transforming the Lottery experience but also significantly contributing to community development and economic growth,” Mabuza added.

This significant event was attended today, 8 May 2024, by ITHUBA board members and executives in collaboration with the Tanzanian authorities including the Chairman, members of the Board, Director General and Management of the Gaming board of Tanzania.

The selection of ITHUBA by the Gaming board of Tanzania underscores the company’s excellence and trusted reputation in managing National Lotteries. With this expansion, ITHUBA aims to leverage its extensive experience to foster substantial social and economic benefits in Tanzania.

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