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BetKing and Paga Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize User Experience

BetKing, a leading sports betting and entertainment platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Paga, a prominent fintech company. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the user experience by enabling seamless and secure funding of BetKing accounts using Paga, complete with an enticing 1% cashback offer.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both entities: BetKing’s position as a frontrunner in the online betting domain and Paga’s extensive reach of over 21 million customers, renowned for its trust in financial services. With Paga’s 15-year track record in the African Fintech Ecosystem, users are assured of secure payment processes and rapid transaction speeds, with all transactions processed within 3 seconds.

Gossy Ukanwoke, Managing Director of BetKing Nigeria, commented on the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Paga signifies a transformative step forward for BetKing, encapsulating our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. This partnership isn’t just about merging technologies; it’s about redefining the very essence of the betting experience. With Paga’s expertise and our shared vision, we’re ready to make transactions smoother and safer for our users.”

Nike Faroun, Head of Growth at Paga, shared that this partnership with BetKing is an “opportunity to offer our users a seamless, secure, and swift way to manage their accounts. For 15 years, Paga has been a trusted leader in African payments, and this partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to simplifying financial services and empowering Nigerians. While the 1% cashback offer is a nice bonus, our unique value lies in the ease of access, security, and speed that Paga users have come to expect.”

This innovative feature is set to enhance the overall user experience for individuals utilizing both Paga and BetKing services.

About BetKing

BetKing is a leading sports betting and entertainment company that provides online services in Nigeria. The company offers a diverse range of services, including sports betting on various sports and cutting-edge virtual games. Beyond its online offerings, BetKing extends agency opportunities, allowing individuals to become KingMakers by signing up to deliver offline betting services to customers.

About Paga Group

Paga Group is a payments and financial services ecosystem for Africa. Their focus is on helping both consumers and sellers pay, get paid, and access financial services. They do this directly and also through their Platform-as-a-Service, which enables other 3rd Parties to leverage the deep infrastructure Paga has built to enable endless possibilities.

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