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How Premier Bet Contributes To Economic Growth in Rwanda

In an exclusive interview with Apostolos Kalodoukas, CEO of Premier Bet in Rwanda, we delve into the remarkable journey of the company’s success and its commitment to social responsibility.

Originally hailing from Greece, Kalodoukas brings a wealth of experience to Rwanda’s betting scene. Having been transferred from Tanzania, he now leads the subsidiary that has thrived in Rwanda for the past 11 years.

Premier Bet has established an impressive presence in Rwanda, with 180 shops scattered across the country. Looking to the future, the company has ambitious plans to expand further by adding between 20 and 30 new shops in 2024.

However, Premier Bet’s growth isn’t solely focused on expanding its reach; it also prioritizes empowering the local workforce. Currently employing 600 Rwandans across various levels, the company aims to increase its workforce to 800 by the end of the year.

Kalodoukas takes pride in Premier Bet’s substantial contributions to Rwanda’s economy, with taxes crossing the Rwf1 billion mark. The company has plans to increase this figure to 1.4 billion, demonstrating its continued commitment to driving economic prosperity in the country.

Furthermore, Premier Bet places a strong emphasis on its customers, paying out an impressive 85% of its revenues to winners. The largest payout to date stands at a remarkable Rwf11 million, highlighting the company’s dedication to providing exciting opportunities for its customers.

As the leading betting operator in Rwanda, Premier Bet enjoys several advantages that contribute to its success. The country’s advanced infrastructure, including reliable electricity, internet connectivity, and digital payment systems, creates a conducive environment for the company’s operations. Additionally, the local market’s strong knowledge of sports, particularly football, further enhances Premier Bet’s position in the industry.

Beyond its business achievements, Premier Bet is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company sponsors various initiatives, such as the European Business Chamber of Rwanda’s job fair, aimed at empowering graduates to start businesses or secure employment. Additionally, Premier Bet plans to sponsor an academic study on addiction, providing valuable insights for the government to develop relevant policies in the realm of betting and gambling.

In terms of community engagement, Premier Bet has made tangible contributions by donating bicycles and a tricycle to genocide survivors in Bugesera, Mayange Sector, Kibenga Cell. These donations not only provide individuals with means of transportation but also enable them to engage in economic activities by transporting merchandise to markets.

To ensure a seamless betting experience, Premier Bet offers a user-friendly platform developed by Edtech, its parent company based in London, UK. The company also collaborates with suppliers to secure other platforms, ensuring customers have access to reliable and diverse betting options.

Premier Bet’s journey in Rwanda exemplifies the harmonious convergence of business success and social responsibility. As the company continues to grow and innovate, it remains steadfast in driving economic development and making a positive impact on Rwandan society.

Aniedi Ekwere
Aniedi Ekwere
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