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Ithuba, South Africa’s Gaming Leader, Secures Tanzanian Lottery License

Ithuba Holdings RF (Pty) Ltd, a black woman-owned business and operator of the South African National Lottery, continues to expand its presence in Africa with the acquisition of a license to run Tanzania’s national lottery. This comes shortly after their successful bid to operate Uganda’s national lottery in August 2023.

The awarding of the Tanzanian license marks a significant milestone for Ithuba, as it strengthens the company’s advancement strategy and demonstrates its robust growth across the continent.

According to a statement released by Ithuba, the company views the Tanzanian deal as a historical achievement and a testament to its commitment to the African market. Ithuba’s CEO, Mrs. Charmaine Mabuza, expressed pride and honor in being chosen as the National Lottery Operator in Tanzania.

She emphasized that Ithuba’s games and technology have been specifically developed for the African market, enabling the company to offer large jackpots and innovative games that resonate deeply with players.

The Tanzanian partnership is seen as a clear indication of Ithuba’s expertise in the lottery industry. Mabuza stated that the company is excited to introduce its signature approach to Tanzania, with the aim of transforming the lottery experience while making significant contributions to community development and economic growth.

The competition for the Tanzanian contract was fierce, with 18 other businesses vying for the lucrative opportunity. However, Ithuba’s track record and commitment to the African market set them apart, ultimately securing them the license.

Ithuba’s vision for the Tanzanian lottery extends beyond mere operation. The company intends to turn it into a beacon of hope and prosperity for the country. With their successful track record in South Africa and their recent acquisitions in Uganda and Tanzania, Ithuba is well-positioned to achieve its goal of expanding its footprint in Africa and becoming a leading player in the continent’s lottery industry.

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