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NDC Pledges to Abolish Betting Tax if Elected in 2024

The National Democratic Congress ( NDC ) has promised to abolish the betting tax if elected in the 2024 general elections.

Richard Nyarko, the Eastern Regional Youth Organizer of the NDC, made this commitment during a recent radio interview monitored by a source. Nyarko emphasized the party’s focus on mobilizing youth support and ensuring that 80% of the youth in the Eastern Region stand with the NDC in the upcoming election.

“To the youth who go on sleepless nights to bet only for Akufo-Addo to take ten per cent of your winning…when he has no hands in strategic betting, NDC is telling you that it will scrap the betting tax for you,” Nyarko pledged.

The youth organizer underscored the NDC’s dedication to amplifying the voices of young people in the political arena and expressed confidence in the youth’s ability to drive positive change. He stressed the importance of their active involvement in the electoral process.

Nyarko’s announcement is part of the NDC’s broader efforts to mobilize the youth vote and present themselves as a party that understands and addresses the concerns of the younger generation. The promise to abolish the betting tax is seen as a strategic move to appeal to a demographic that has been heavily impacted by the taxation on their gambling activities.

As the 2024 election approaches, the NDC’s pledge to scrap the betting tax is likely to be a key talking point in their campaign, as they seek to position themselves as a party that is committed to the well-being and economic interests of the Ghanaian youth.

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